Highlands Custom Cabinetry is proud to be an American owned company making dependable, quality American products.

Our Story

400_Chris_cutting_woodSnuggled in the Appalachian mountains of East Tennessee, Chris Rickman, a fifth generation craftsman, opened Highlands Custom Cabinetry in 2003. Armed with little more than $100 in his pocket and a love for woodworking, he decided to make his lifelong dream a reality. Since that time, Highlands has become synonymous with fine, hand-crafted cabinetry, furniture, and millwork, all utilizing native Appalachian hardwoods, such as cherry, walnut, oak, hickory, dogwood, and maple.

Chris has over 40 years of experience, learning much of his art from his father and grandfather, while growing up in the Ozark Mountains. “I have been around woodworking as far back as I can remember and I use all of the old traditional ways, skills and techniques that they taught me. I build all of my pieces with traditional values but with an eye towards modern day functionality,” says Rickman, who not only owns, but also oversees Highlands’ day-to-day operations with a hands-on approach…literally. Chris is much more likely to be found in the shop ripping a piece of cherry or on a job site installing the finished product than sitting in an office behind a computer.